Want to run faster for less effort?

PFM Efficient Running Courses - technique for ALL runners

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6 progressive 1-1½ hour group sessions, held on alternate weeks, allowing any necessary calf conditioning to take place safely, and taking the runner from inefficient running, through body alignment, cadence and form, to Efficient Running.

Perpetual Forward Motion Efficient Running Course, Ten-Point, Amersham, alternate Saturdays

Saturday, April 20th 2013 at 8am to Saturday, June 29th 2013 at 10am

Ten Point, Bois Lane, Amersham (track session normally held at Uxbridge track)

£90 pp (excluding track fees). Max 12 per course.

Course Programme

20.4.13 : Towards Posture and Form. Understanding running biomechanics; discovering pre-running ‘Drill’; defining running efficiency through dynamic muscle use & elastic recoil.

4.5.13 : Finding Cadence and Flow. Revisiting ‘Drill’; progressing to refine fluid, flowing running; cadence experimentation for optimised running form.

18.5.13 : Tracking Speed via Efforts and Paces (track session). Flowing from Drill, to Free Running to Speed, with maximum output from minimum effort.

1.6.13 : Hills. Discovering the art of running ascents & descents; learn to maximise power, minimise effort & mitigate gravity. More fun than you can imagine!

15.6.13 : Tempo Running/Efficient Pace Testing (track session). Refining Drill & Free Running; improving Speed skills through sustained pacing.

29.6.13 : The Best Running Session – Ever!Cruise intervals’, ‘Improving Lactate Clearance Rate’, ‘Simon Lessing’s Favourite Work-Out’ … whatever you call it, you’re ready for it, and you won’t want to miss it!

Coaching supported by album downloads from Barefoot Audio Ltd to assist form between sessions

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