William Penn

By Nikki Dubey

Who is William Penn?

William Penn was the starter of the new age. He opened many people's eyes to new ways of life. He showed acceptance and equality, traits that are still evolving to this day. I'm going to show you how Mr. Penn changed America.
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Mr. Penn was a huge believer in women's suffrage. He saw that women should be treated just as equally as men, with the same rights and equalities. What makes them so different anyway? He opened the world's eyes to a new mind set.
William Penn Religious Revolutionary, segment from "The American Birthright Part I" Documentary


Mr. Penn himself, was Quaker. He was often bashed for his religious choices. One of the people who disapproved of his personal decisions was his own father. He was determined to, not only get rights for Quaker people, but ALSO provide religious rights and freedom for people of other followings.

William Penn

An incredible man that changed the course of history. He started a new era of understanding and acceptance. You have your rights today because William Penn stood up for himself and others many years ago.