Sacred Heart School

September 16, 2016

Dear Sacred Heart Team,

Happy Friday! Our Leadership Team met after school today we wanted to share the many values we expressed. There are so many wonderful things happening in our school - here are a few of our favorites from this past week!

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  • Enacting our literacy vision with an upcoming literacy meeting and adopting Learning A to Z in our younger classrooms
  • Proactive teachers taking problem solving and using resources!
  • The confidence and bravery of our teachers who are new to SH this year! We're blown away by the empowering learning environments you have created!
  • The kindness of our children: for their HUGE hearts and the palpable positivity we all feel walking in the doors every morning -
  • The grittiness of our faculty as a whole - we're willing to push through obstacles and find the silver-lining
  • The initiative of the ESL team, how they're eager to start, willing to ask questions, and ready to ROCK!
  • The counseling team's extraordinary support, love, and willingness to jump right in!
  • Ms. Bogosian's thoughtful and structured facilitation of the middle school team CD meetings - thank you for keeping us on track and pushing our practice to the next level!
  • The middle school team - your energy, your personalities, your ability to model the values of Sacred Heart for each other and the students
  • Our amazing Title-1 teacher joining our SH team ready, willing, and able! We're so happy to have you and excited to collaborate!
  • The inclusivity that we see in our classrooms: how our unique diversity promotes empathy and empowerment among our learners as they mature
  • Ms. Heil's consistent positivity: how your door is always open, how you're willing to do the smallest jobs and take on the biggest challenges, and how you can get up and talk in front of anyone ready to share the love! You set the foundation for our love-filled school and we are SO grateful!

Snapshots of Learning

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Staff Meeting

Monday, Sep. 19th, 3:45pm

Ms. K's room


Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 10am

3211 Sacred Heart Way

Washington, DC

This Wednesday we will be honoring our catechists at Mass

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 2pm


September is Hispanic Heritage Month and we'll be gathering this Friday to celebrate our culture!