Dyslexia Update

Dove Elementary

January 2015

I want to give you an update on what's going on in our class. Please look at the class for your student to get information on what we have learned and are currently learning. Each learner has downloaded Learning Ally, and a cursive app. We have also added Dragon dictation. These are free apps and you can download them to your home devices if you would like. Please contact me if you need any help.

How can I support my student at home?

Allow them to use Learning Ally- please let me know if you need help logging in.

Guiding them through homework. Making sure they take needed breaks.

Checking for understanding of the directions

3rd grade Kit 2 class

We are currently learning the beginning of Kit 2 which has digraphs , consonant , vowels sounds. Using and spelling words with suffixes. We also begin syllable division. Ask us to show you something we learned about suffixes or to divide a word.

4th grade- Kit 3

We just started Kit 3. We are building on spelling with vowels and working with derivatives. We are learning final stable syllables. We taking the next step in syllable division. Ask us to show you how we divide a word.

We have begun our daily reading fluency. We are almost complete with story B.Ask about what improvement has been made.


We are working on slowing down for accuracy. We have begun our SIPPS curriculum and have mastered the routines. Ask about our key words.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Erin Cunningham 817.251.6754 erin.cunningham@gcisd.net