Madison Alford

What I am going to do....

When I get there I am going to go buy myself a first class ticket. It doesn't matter that the ship will sink, it matters that I get to experience the amazing architecture. I would most likely survive since I would be a first class woman on the ship. I would go to a dinner party with the rich and swim in the saltwater swimming pool.
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The Dangers of going back...

The dangers of going back is the possibilities that I could drown, get electrocuted, or just plain die. If I was to try to get off the boat there would possibly not be enough lifeboats to get off of the "unsinkable" ship. But if I were to use the money from today in 2015, they would think I was strange. Money from 1912 would be completely different.
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What did they wear?

In 1912 women wore ruffles and lace and S bend corseted silhouette. They also wore columnar skirts, hair piled on the head in wavy curls and neoclassical details. Evening dresses were usually made of fine silks, with open necklines and short sleeves, which could be cut in one with the body of the dress. Men wore a black tail coat or tuxedo jacket, usually with satin faced lapels and pointed front waist for evening wear. A morning suit with cut-away coat is very formal for an afternoon tea or wedding. Wool suits are popular and knickers can be worn for sporting occasions.

What was popular...

A Devil’s Food Cake recipe from this time included mashed potatoes. Also, there was something called Chop Suey cake, which was really just a glorified fruitcake. Coca Cola was very popular. Dinner parties were also very popular. Women drank wine, men drake Brandy. April 26th was the 1st homerun hit at Fenway Park (Hugh Bradley, Red Sox).

Was there anything new being produced?

Coal mines were being produced but there were many dangers to it. Many movies were produced. Different things were produced. But on April 14 many news papers were produced to show that the "unsinkable" ship had sank.
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Did anything big happen?

March 16, Mrs. William Howard Taft plants the first cherry tree in Washington, D.C. April 14, the Titanic sinks in the North Atlantic, killing 1,523 people. April 20, Fenway Park opens in Boston.