The Hunting Ground

Rape Victims


The Hunting Ground movie achieved is purpose of exposing the failure of college campuses to adequately punish sexual predators. The film effectively achieves its purpose by appealing to logos, pathos and ethos.


The purpose of The Hunting Ground was to show future college students, parents and mainly everyone, that college rape and sexual assault is not being taken seriously. Students (mainly, girls) are not getting taken seriously by deans, professors, and their counselors. All these people who are suppose to taken action on such a terrible thing aren't. Two girls Andrea and Annie went out to make it clear that things like this are happening in college something needs to be done, instead of saying these victims are lying or saying it was their fault for getting raped.


Logos was presented in the Documentary 'The Hunting Ground' by showing us viewers many statistics. One of the statistics is 45% of colleges didn't report sexual assault. 88% of women sexually assaulted on campus do not report it. 2-8% claiming sexual assault is false. This makes me feel ashamed and scared to go to college. The fact that the girls and their cases of sexual assault are being unnoticed makes me feel afraid as a girl to go to college, when this is a serious topic that needs attention.


Pathos was an appeal through out the documentary by presenting the victims and their personal interviews, the victims parents and even the music. I can feel empathy for these victims due to being sexually assaulted once. It makes you feel like you're lost and not your self. The parents were just as lost because they expected their daughter or son to be safe at college, not sexually assaulted. The music had a big parent in the movie by the sad, slow music. it made me realize that colleges don't do enough for these cases on campus.


Ethos was presented by the college facility, the security guards at Notre Dame and the multiple credible sources presented throughout the movie from news reporters, FBI, book, etc. It is kind of scary that some of the college facility doesn't care that much about this situation going on the campus, it is also making the girls feel worthless. The college athletes that commit to sexual assault get away it because they are "special" in the college faculties eyes when it shouldn't be that way, they should be given the consequences for what they did. Some of the sources that were cited made you realize that colleges rather hide it and let the problem keep continuing than trying to stop it and make it known that it is wrong and should have consequences.


In conclusion the documentary 'The Hunting Ground' made me realize that there is a ton of sexually assault cases and incidents that happen on campus that do not get taken seriously. This makes it seem as colleges don't care about their students well being and safety as they should and said they would be. Many kids go to college thinking they're going to be safe and have a blast away at school then they get hurt by another student and the deans, consolers and professors don't seem to care and blame it on the girl automatically. I think that Andrea and Annie did a wonderful protest against sexually assault on campus. I think it made the college facility open their eyes a little and to take more cases seriously instead of pushing it off.