The Desert Biome

BY Nancy S. Kayla N. Tanner R. Johan G.

The Desert's Around The World!!!!!

1) Arctic: *Located at the northern part of the earth.
*Life in the arctic includes organisms living in the ice.
* The Arctics climate is characterized by cold winters and cool summers.
2)Arabian: * Desert covers an area 2,300,000 square kilometers
*Strides from Yemen to the Persian Gulf and Oman to Jordan and Iraq
*The Wildlife in this extreme environments
3)Gobi: *"Gobi" means desert

*Has an area of 1,295,000 square kilometeres

*Desert in Mongolia and China

4)Kalahari: *Covering much of Botwana and parts of Namibia and South Africa

*Has sand sheets, and dunes

* It means "thrist land"

5) Sahara: *The world's largest hot desert

*Also the harshest enviroments on the planet

*3rd largest on earth after Artic desert (cold)

*3.6 million square miles

* Is bordered by the Anlantic Ocean on the western edge


Animals in the Hot Sun

*Aminals that eat plants can only survive by eating seeds or small parts of the plants that were blown away.

*Snakes, spiders, and lizards eat insects

*Deserts with rich plant life provide the food for large animals like rabbits, antelopes camules, and in Australia Kangaroos.

*For an easy meal Lions, and Leopards follow their prey in the desert.

*Scorpions are found in the desert


*Camuels can go a week without water when their not put to work.

*When camuels do drink water they drink up to 26 gallons or (100 liters) more than a full bathtub.

*Camules use their humps as their food storage and it can break down and release water.

* Antalopes can travel a long way to find water holes/ they can use their hoves to dig up dry ground to find water.


Like all deserts, the Sahara harbors a relatively sparse community of wild plants, with the highest concentrations occurring along the northern and southern margins and near the oases and drainages. It has imposed adaptations on the plants.The kinds of plants that are in the sahata desert are African Welwitchsia,African Peyote Cactus,Eragrostis,Common Fig,Date Palm,Thyme,

Olive Trees,Magaria. *African WelwitchsiaThe African welwitchsia manages to survive the harsh conditions of the Sahara desert due to its extremely deep roots. These roots go deep into the earth and absorb as much water as possible. This helps the plant to cope with the hot and dry desert conditions. The African welwitchsia has been known to survive for over hundreds or even thousands of years.