Laurelton-Pardee News

February 5, 2016


Dear LP Families:

The excitement of the Super Bowl has taken over our school! Our students were excited today - and many of them wore team colors, which was really awesome! I hope you have some fun plans for the game. I'm sure many of us will be dragging on Monday morning.

We have seen an increase in physical activity this week. I feel like some of it is that our kids are bursting with energy. Hopefully they can get outside and/or do something physically active this week.

Enjoy this last weekend of football for the season!

Lucas Hiley


Upcoming Events.

February 15 - 19 - NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

February 22 - School Reopens

February 26 - End of marking period

Changes for the 2016 Grades 3-8 Math and ELA State Exams

The NYS Education Department informed us this week that this year's state tests will look a little different. While we knew the tests were being created by a different company (Questar), we learned a few other differences for the year.

The main changes:

1. Greater involvement of educators in the test development process.

2. Decrease in the number of test questions

3. A shift to untimed testing

The Eastridge FIRST Robotics Team 3157 is busy at work on this year’s robot and with that they incur many costs and need your help!

  • On- going Bottle & Can Drive (see attached flier)

  • Robotics Team 3157 decals are available for $5.00 each (see attached)

Thank you for your continued support of these fantastic students from Eastridge High School. Check out the team’s website at: or contact us at should you have any questions.

Save the date of March 25 & 26 to come out & watch the team in action at the Finger Lakes Regionals at R.I.T. campus at the Gordon Field House. Check out the game on

FIRST STRONGHOLD 2016 Robotics Game.

Staff Spotlight

Oh No!

There is no staff spotlight today. This was a short week, as I was sick for two days. I never got to snap a photo... stay tuned for next week! Sorry to let you down.