What's The Gossip In West Chester!

New Local Businesses Changing The Culture of The Community

Let's Talk about West Chester and All It Has To Offer!

The once small community has grown to a huge population. With the new local businesses that have opened the community awareness has gotten people talking. A new business opens up every week. What's so special about West Chester???

Let's Talk About The Gossip In West Chester!

Monday, July 25th, 9-11pm

This is an online event.

This is an online blog event. Everyone is welcome. We will be listening to live comments, and discussing how the new local businesses are changing the culture in West Chester. Is this a good change or a bad change? You tell us!

Hosted By Uncle Bumpee's Barber Shoppe

The Shoppe will be open for those who wish to be in the shoppe live while the blog is going on!
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