The United Kingdom

By: Braven Beaumont :)

I would like to go to the United Kingdom when I am older, like when I am 17. The United Kingdom is part of the country of England and it borders the North Atlantic Ocean. The United Kingdom has lots of interesting things that would be nice to see. When people turn 100 they get a card from Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. That sounds pretty neat. I won’t be 100 when I am there, but it would be nice to get a card from Queen Elizabeth II. Finally, in my paper you will learn about the reasons I want to go there, the culture, and facts (that are interesting)

The three reasons why I want to go to the United Kingdom.

I want to go to the United Kingdom. One reason is that I would like to meet the King and Queen of England.The second I want to go is there are lots of big buildings to see. The last reason is I want to meet new people

This is my culture for the United Kingdom

This the culture of the United Kingdom. People claim that their flag must be called Union Jack.The Union Jack sounds pretty sweet.There is a widely held fear of children in the United Kingdom.That sounds pretty scary.Today 21 monarchies remain in the world for fascinating network for kings.This is the United Kingdom's culture.

Now the moment you have probably been waiting for the interesting facts!

Now the moment you have probably been waiting for the three interesting facts about the United Kingdom. They have no written constitution in the United Kingdom. If there is no written constitution then how do they make their rules I would want to find out. Scots invented Golf in the 1500s golf is a big sport in the United Kingdom. I would like to try golf in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom and Ireland began a project in 2013 to archive every website in the world. I want to see that in a museum if it is in a museum. Those are the three facts I wanted to share with you.


All those facts want to make me want to go there even more than ever before. The United Kingdom is one of the most interesting places in the world! It is a smaller continent then the United States. The United Kingdom has a lot of interesting things to see. But, also has weird things to see. Those are all the reasons why I chose an awesome place like the United Kingdom to stay at for a while.