The Course of World War II

Kaylee Geiser, Marissa Hackl, and Reed Walker

What was World War II?

World War II was the bloodiest, most deadly war that the world has ever seen. It lasted from 1939 to 1945. 38 million people were killed and billions of lives were impacted. Over 50 different countries were involved with the war. Americans were fighting to defeat tyranny while Japan and Asia were involved with nuclear warfare with the U.S. Europeans were dealing with Hitler trying to takeover Europe to become more like Nazi-Germany. The Holocaust was also occurring during this time.
World War II: Crash Course World History #38

Cause of World War II

Germany invaded several countries such as Poland, Soviet Russia, China, and Japan. They invaded because there was still unresolved issues that dated back to World War 1. Essentially, World War II occurred because of loose ends that were not taken care of in WWI and when a bunch of small conflicts began to add up.

Essential questions

EQ 1: What choices and decisions did germany face in WWII?

EQ 2: How has WWII changed american society today?

EQ 3: What was the United States role in WWII and how did we affect to end result of the war.

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Lecture The Course of World War II