What Would You Do?

By Sean Molen at Kemps/ODC school in Virginia Beach Virginia


By Sean Molen at Kemps/ODC school in Virginia Beach Virginia. In this presentation people who donate money to the poor will be persuaded to give the poor needs over money from, unfortunately many people have been killed by diseases or starved on the streets, and there are thousands of Americans who are poor or homeless and start hundreds of fires and problems every day.

Would you give the poor, money...


Would you give them what them their needs...

The Correct Answer

The next time you think of giving a person off the street a five dollar bill, think again because if you give them their basic needs they know what to do with them and will help them and their health.

The Wrong Answer

Money! Everyone thinks that money is the key to poor people's survival but is it really? If you walk up to a poor person and give them a five dollar bill, they can turn around and spend that on bad drugs. About seventy-five percent of people on the street will spend money on wants not needs. This is just a possibility but this can be eliminated by just giving them what they need.

Downtown, Oregon

There, thousands of homeless people are camped out in the streets, from personal experience I see at least one hundred to five hundred people in tents every time I visit through the area. Also, from my relatives that live there, they estimate at least 10 fires are produced every night from their camp fires.
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What you can do?

When you do see a homeless or poor person, what you should do is get supplies to help the sustain their health and help them survive otherwise many people will die because they will stay on the streets.