The Well-Managed Classroom 2016

Workshop Materials - August 8 and 9

Course Objectives

Participants will...

  • Identify and describe the 8 Effective Classroom Practices.
  • Assess one’s own level of competency for each of the practices; then, develop and implement an action plan to incorporate effective practices into one’s classroom.
  • Understand how teacher behavior affects student behavior and be able to apply this understanding to the 8 Effective Classroom Practices.
  • Learn a variety of classroom management strategies and behavioral interventions and apply these strategies and interventions to the 8 Effective Classroom Practices.

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Course Credit Requirements

Day 1 Agenda

Additional Credit Requirements (3 Hours)

By the end of the course each participant will SUBMIT the following completed products:

Effective Classroom Practices Action Plan

Classroom Management Reflection. Answer the following questions:

  1. Describe your classroom management system. Is it working for you?
  2. If not, what classwide intervention did you implement (i.e. the Good Behavior Game, Group Contingency, etc.)
  3. What steps were taken to determine support for students needing individual interventions (i.e. collecting data, team support, implementing an individual behavior plan)?

Online Learning for Classroom Practices
(#6, #7, and #8)

#6 - Review of Opportunity to Respond Strategies;

#7 - Effective Classroom Practice Task Interspersal AND Effective Classroom Practice Activity Sequencing & Choice;
#8 - Effective Classroom Practice Task Difficulty

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