Pro Writer a Fit for Nielsen

Applying for position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Catherine Helean: 20+ years of experience will be leveraged for sure success

As an award-winning marketing writer, Helean reports that her credentials for the Deputy Editor-in-Chief position at Nielsen connect seamlessly to the requirements of this position. "From consumer campaigns to blogging and social media, I have an incredible reservoir of writing talent. And I'm not talking about your average news-speak. My background includes promoting some of the country's top media brands. And bringing them success, on all platforms," said Helean in a recent interview.

Throughout Helean's career, she's also been a digital marketing leader, developing and implementing new strategies to grow audience and brand awareness.

As Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Nielsen, Helean says, "It will be my mission to provide compelling content on all Nielsen's digital platforms. From news articles and features to content devoted to thought leadership, I will be the voice that helps bring success to these content and marketing strategies."

For further comment, Helean can be contacted at:

Catherine Helean

251 625 5649