Location, Location, Location

A Divine Positioning

My father-in-law used to makes clocks for a hobby so we have many different types of clocks throughout the house. When you open one of them up you can see all sorts of tiny wheels, gears, needles and pins, all perfectly positioned, working together in harmony to make that clock function in the perfection that it was created to function in. In my time of prayer and meditation yesterday I felt like God was saying that He is divinely settling and positioning people into their "sweet spot" so that they will begin to function in the perfection that He created them to function in. Kind of like all those tiny, wheel, gears, needles and pins of the clock.

First Corinthians chapter 12 talks about how we as the body of Christ are made up of many parts or members but are one body, uniquely and divinely positioned for a specific purpose. When we allow God to position us as individuals in the right place at the right time then we can expect Him to use us in ways unimaginable to expand His Kingdom.

And like any type of change, movement or repositioning, it can bring about some stress in our lives. Like the strings of a guitar, in order for it to be finely tuned there has to be some stress or tension placed on the strings, so that tension or stress on the strings brings about beautiful sound and when we are in the right place, at the right time, perfectly positioned by our Father then we will be operating in that "sweet spot." Like the finely tuned strings of a guitar.

Esther 4:14 NLT says "if you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance from the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this." God is positioning people for their "such a time as this" season. We have met many people this past year both in China and America that have said they feel that God is leading and directing them into a certain area or place, positioning them to carry out a specific mandate that has been given.

Doug Addison prophesied earlier this year that there was coming in 2016 a new positioning.

Positioning is very important
It is crucial to align with the right people and places this year. It is important to look at the lives of those you are aligned with. What is the fruit of their ministry or efforts?

Are people thriving or is there a trail of brokenness? Alignment and location is important for this new season. God will be moving some people unexpectedly because of new assignments that are coming.

So, whether you see yourself like the strings on a guitar or the gears in a clock, or even some type of body part, know this, that God is directing His people where He wants them, for a specific purpose and when we are operating within our calling and election, we can expect the fullness of God to be made manifest.

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Prayer Request

  • Please pray about partnering with us financially so that we can continue building relationships with the unreached people groups of Southeast Asia. We are believing for at least 100 people to partner with us financially for as little as $15.00 a month, this will allow us to continue to spread the gospel to the unreached people groups of Southeast China.
  • Please pray for our two week short term trip to Kenai, Alaska in July where we will be serving the locals there through an outreach program, we currently need $4500.00 to cover airfare, food, lodging.
  • Our plans to visit Nagaland and Nepal in late November and December to speak to local missionaries and leaders as well as visit some orphanages in a very poor area- have now been changed to the late summer of 2016. Please pray that I would have the guidance and direction needed.
  • We would like to see more of the locals rise up and begin to lead areas of ministry in the local churches, outreach centers, life groups and English corners.
  • We are beginning to really see an outpouring of grace and a hunger in the lives of the students here and are in need of more laborers.
  • Please pray that we have the direction we need to know where to go and that we have the finances needed for moving in that direction.
  • Please visit our website and blog at bkmissions.weebly.com