Franklin House

April 21st

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: We will be doing some culminating activities pertaining to “The Giver”. We will also continue working with identifying literary devices in text and in our writing.

Mrs. Allen: We are working on “Tuck Everlasting”. Students are finding and identifying figurative language. We are also working on vocabulary throughout the story. This week students are responsible for 30 minutes of Moby Max Vocabulary by Friday.

Ms. Naze: Students are developing their argumentative papers. Students are focusing on comprehension in Achieve activities. We are also identifying literary devices in our read aloud, The BFG.


Math 4: We will finish and test on unit 8 with measures of central tendencies. Then we will review and dig deeper with integers to finish our current book before we start working from the 7th grade book, CPM.

Math 7, 8: We will continue working in unit 7 working with ratios and proportions. We will be reviewing methods to solve proportions and learn new ones including cross multiplication and tape diagrams. We will also work with fraction, decimal, percent conversions.


We are continuing with our Einstein Kit and working with electromagnetism. Students will also start learning about how electricity works.

Social Studies

Students are learning about the details to add to their timeline or comic (project) on the The Cold War. The Korean War and the Vietnam War are an important part of our study. Students will have their final project due on Monday.