Pride and Prejudice Graffiti Wall

Autumn Ping

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The Ball

Elizabeth surprisingly agrees to dance with Darcy, but things do not improve between them.

(Austen, 1813, p. 67)

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The Wedding Ring

Mr. Collins shows his relentlessness when he proposes to Elizabeth multiple times, even after she rejects him.

(Austen, 1813, p. 79)

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The Game of Tug of War

Mrs. Bennet refuses to see Elizabeth unless she accepts Mr. Collins' proposal, but Mr. Bennet refuses to see Elizabeth if she accepts his proposal.

(Austen, 1813, p. 83)

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The Lifesaver

Mr. Collins, confused of why he is rejected, finally withdraws his proposal.

(Austen, 1813, p. 83)

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Trash Can

When Charlotte accepted Mr. Collins proposal she threw away all of her possible emotions in order to be married.

(Austen, 1813, p. 91)

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Question Mark

Elizabeth's confusion after Charlotte agrees to marry Collins.

(Austen, 1813, p. 91 )

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Broken Heart

Mr. Collins rejection from Elizabeth.

(Austen, 1813, p. 79)

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Mary's humiliation after her performance at the ball.

(Austen, 1813, p. 76)

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Happy Face

Mrs. Bennet is happy to see that Jane and Bingley are together.

(Austen, 1813, p. 81)

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The letter states that Bingley is going back to London and does not plan to return.

(Austen, 1813, p. 70)

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