Taliyah Metcalf

The campaigner

I think that I am a goal keeper or someone who likes to make a goal out of a cause. Goals are things that run my life and I don't think I would live if I didn't have any goals. Like for example, my goal right now is to get on time and go to bed on time for trio in the morning. Life is one big goal.


Intuitive is someone who follows there instinct. I always follow my instinct. I'm not sure why I do but I feel like it is a good thing to do. Being able to trust myself and my instincts is a pretty dang good feeling. This was my highest on the test.


This one was my lowest. This means for the look out. I think this does apply to me. Even a little bit because I'm still searching for who I am. Who's not? I think that doesn't apply to me a lot which is true but I guess I do know myself more than I though because this was a 13% on the test.