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Tex Hill Middle School-October 2015 Teacher edition

Welcome to the Tex Hill Counseling Office!

The ultimate goal of the Tex Hill Counseling office is to be a Counseling, Academic, College/Career Readiness resource center for student success giving guidance to students, parents, faculty, and staff.
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Teaching your students How to Have a Conversation:

1. Model a good conversation

2. Encourage Physical Cues

3. Challenge Put-Downs or Hurtful Comments

4. Ask Open Ended Questions

5. Put Thinking Ahead of Knowing

6. Have Informal Chats

7. Make Eye Contact

8. Encourage Turn-Taking

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Data Processing-Mrs. Paige Felter

Hello teachers! As we come to the end of our first grading period, here are a few reminders. All grades are due in Gradespeed on Monday, October 19th, by 3:45pm. On Tuesday, the 20th, you will print, proof, and sign-off on your grades from GTCH in the mainframe by 3:00pm. Please refer to your blue folder for instructions in case you forgot how to GTCH. Please don’t make me call your name on the intercom after school! Everyone who comes to sign before 3:00 gets a treat! Thanks!

Counseling Office contact information

Mrs. Tiffany Johnson-6th A-L, 7th grade, Lead Counselor 210-356-8032

Mrs. Lesley Reichert-6th M-Z and 8th grade Counselor 210-356-8033

Mrs. Paige Felter-Data Processor 210-356-8031

Mrs. Julie Turner-Counseling Clerk/Registrar 210-356-8030