Every choice beings with peace

Spending & Debt

Sam Houston, will make prices on service, merchandise, and goods a bit higher than its original is. With decision we might able to pay off, our new founded country's, debt from Mexico. Though it won't completely pay it off, theres a chance that we can get though this high debt.

Deal with Native Texans

Sam Houston, will try to make peace with them, to stop the anger between neighbors. Pushing them out might hunt us later with war, than having us live in harmony with them.

Though they may have different customs with how they live, they are still human.

Texan Army

Sam Houston, will cut some of these army men. And keep some, to create Rangers of Texas; to make sure that Texas doesn't get harm from Mexico, and the Natives. Safety comes first too the people, but trust must come after.

Mexico Doesn't Recognize Texas is a Country

Sam will not let it go to his head, it will not stop us from being a country. Unless they attack us to become part of Mexico. We mustn't let words stop us from being a country.

Annexation To US

Sam Houston, believes that we should be annexed to the United States. So we can get help from them to pay off our debt. We can also get more protection from Mexico, and the Natives. We can't do everything alone.


Sam Houston, believes that slavery is not the greatest thing, cause they are people too. They might make our life easier, but would you like to be someones item? Sam, will try to stop more slavery from getting in. Plus US will not be willing to accepting us if we have slaves.