Cameron's Six Impossible Things

Ms Bedggood's yr 8 English class


Below is a list of Cameron's six impossible things. We all know he will get these six impossible things

The Impossible List

  1. Own a Solid Gold Lamborghini Model (1:1)
  2. Own a real Lamborghini
  3. Have a personal chef who will cook me chorizo :)
  4. Have a giant pool that is the shape of my anatomy
  5. Own a mansion on Mars
  6. Own a social network that will make me an billionare

These are pictures of my top three impossible things

Why did I choose these?

The Reason

Owning a Lamborghini and a chorizo chef would grant me amazing transport and food anytime I need it, a 1:1 golden Lamborghini model would be a fantastic decoration for my Mars mansion. Obviously it is quite hot on Mars so why not have a gigantic pool in the shape of my anatomy? Of course how would I pay for this? The answer own a large social network that will be the most used website in history and make me a billionaire.