Unbroken by. Laura Hillenbrand

An Olympic's journey from Airman to Castaway to Captive

First, Olympic Runner

Louie Zamperini was in the 1940 Olympics. Louie's brother always told him that he was an amazing runner, it pushed Louie to start his training young. Louie, started training hard, until he eventually could run a mile in a little bit over 4 minutes.
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Louie training for a race

Then, Airman

Louie went to the military in 1940. Louie was in the Air-force where he met Phil his pilot. Louie was the bomb bay door guy (a bomb bay in a plane is where the bombs are dropped.). He rode a B-24 plane, they called it Superman.
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Louie standing in front of Superman

Next, Castaway

During a search for other castaways Louie and Phil crashed the Superman and became stranded. They were stranded for 47 days. The people that were stranded with Louie were, Phil, and Mac. Mac died during the time their were castaway. They got food by capturing birds and fishing with the bird meat. They also captured sharks and ate their livers.
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Unbraken the movie the scene where they are trying to get attention from a passing plane

Lastly, Captive

After 47 days on the ocean they were found by a Japanese ship, then taken to a POW camp ( a POW camp is a Japanese camp for captive enemies) . In August 1945, Louie almost died of diarrhea, was released from prison.
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