Home of where Bran Castle is also known as Draula's castle

History of Romania

The date Romania joined the European Union in 2007,the country wasn't a founder of the E.U, my country use to be part of the Turkish Empire in the 16th century.

Location of Romania

It's located in Southeast Europe ,it is near the Black Sea , it has mountains north of the country, south of it is the Vast Danube Valley , and Romania is between Bulgaria and Ukraine

Brief history of flag

Romania flag

The Romanian flag was modeled after the flag of France meaning their influence on their flag was based on France's flag.

Romania capital and 4 major cities

The Capitol of Romania is Buchartest and it is a city to, the major cities are Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Glati, and Arad


People should visit the Bran Castle also know as (Dracula's Castle) which was built in 1377CE , because it is said that people that visited there that it's the scariest castle in Romania and in the world.

Geography of Romania -physical features

Danube Valley, mountains up in the North of Romania, and the Black Sea

The Romanian government type ,and their currency

They have a Republican government, and their currency is the Romanian LEU.

Interesting Facts about Romania

  • Spine chilling tale of Dracula was inspired by the 15th century Romanian Count Valad Dracul
  • In 1940 they joined the German Invasion of Russia
  • In 105-106BCE The Romans conquered Romania which they called Dacia