Visible Light

Brought to you by the sun! Presented by Brent Merlo

4 Uses of Visible Light:

  1. CD and DVD players
  2. Laser printers
  3. Aircraft weapon aiming system
  4. Vision for all (Animals & Humans)

Wavelengths & Frequencys of Visible Light

The wavelength of visible light ranges anywhere from 380nm to 750nm.

The frequency of visible light ranges anywhere from 400Hz to 790Hz.

  • Red - Wavelength= 680nm Frequency = 437.5Hz
  • Orange - Wavelength= 600nm Frequency = 495Hz
  • Yellow - Wavelength= 580nm Frequency = 520Hz
  • Green - Wavelength= 535nm Frequency = 555Hz
  • Blue - Wavelength= 475nm Frequency = 685Hz
  • Indigo - Wavelength= 437.5nm Frequency = 685Hz
  • Violet - Wavelength= 412.5nm Frequency = 745Hz

New Technological use involving Visible Light

The new use of technology that I found that used visible light was disinfecting water just by using normal light. The use of the photo catalysts in the light spectrum reacts chemical compounds that break down harmful microbes into carbon dioxide and water. Basically the light from the light spectrum in the technology goes out to the water and cleans it. The instruments that are involved are the instrument used to purify water, sun, and you need unclean H2O/Water. The world is constantly looking for cheap efficient ways to clean water for third world countries and poor nations and now they have one! This use of cleaning water could probably effect the whole world if necessary! This discovery was made in the past 5 years because the date on the paper written was January 27, 2010 and it was discovered by Jian-Ku Shang and his team! All they wanted to do was to change the world in a positive way, and they did, because they believed!