Brina Dinh

About Me (A Little Info)

Starting Off

I was born In Lincoln,Nebraska. I grew up there but moved to Orlando,Florida after about 3 years. We thought we were ready to move and try to be responsible enough, so we decided to move to Atlanta,Georgia, but it's kind of personal. I loved Nebraska, but it such a small state and didn't have a huge population as Florida Or Georgia. But I really think that Georgia is really awesome to have so many special and fun places to go to.

My School Years

I went to Sycamore Elementary School for 2 years of Kindergarten and First Grade, but it wasn't my best experience for my school years, then I started to be a new student at White Oak Elementary! And I really loved it so much, I didn't want to be at any other school than White Oak. Through 2-5 grade, I saw how teachers were teaching students very well, and how the little kids gets hugs, so i thought that when I grow up, i want to be a teacher. Til, I finish 5th grade, I'm off to middle school, 6th grade, and I'm kinda worried that I'll get lost and that I won't be able to find my classes which is very difficult and complicated for some people!

This paragraph is about my family and how to me," Family Comes First!"

Today, I have 3 other siblings, including myself which is 4. Of course, I have 2 parents, which is obvious to know for me. I have 2 sisters one is named Julie who is my oldest sister, and Katelyn, who is my youngest sister. Then I Have 1 older brother named Steven. And For last, of the child, Me! I'm kinda the middle child, but I'm not sure because there's 4 rascals who wouldn't bother to run around the house chasing one another and playing tag with blankets wrapped around. But we kids do NOT do that, we're pretty much mature, but my little sister, Katelyn can be a bit of a handful OF NAUGHTINESS!

The Present

Right now, I am 10 years old but turning 11. Nothing has really changed for me a lot, but some things had changed to the beginning which a bit actually changed me. But You can read all about it down below. Back to my point, I'm still in 5th grade, but I'm really excited to go to middle school! In my free time, I usually think about what I wanna do in the future, and try to be confident on everything that challenges me!

Right now in school, In my class, we're working on projects and book clubs just to raise up the bar with our skills and strategies, but I think the most hardest part about it is to cooperate and try to be kind to one another even if you're not mutual friends. So that's basically a little about me.


Changing My Life

A Day Back Then...

A day back then was very special. It all started when this moment happened.

"I had always felt a gaping hole, but now it was going to be filled." My mom had told me I was going to have a sister. I was very excited that in the very next few days I was going to have someone to keep me company, but I'm sure if a little newborn was, since I was growing up. I'm not really sure what day it was but my mom was taken to the hospital driven by my dad, more people I knew wanted to congratulate my mom like my grandparents, uncles, and other family members.

"Be Brave!"

I whispered to my mom as she gave me a smile like she understood how I would feel having a new baby sister. I was nervous and couldn't hold my breath, I know how it was hard for her. The doctor told us to wait outside, so we sat and remained there until it was over. My body was shaking,

"Are You Scared?" My sister Julie said.

"A Bit, but i guess i'll be okay," I replied.

I can see my brother just playing on his phone ,"Please!"

Once it was finally over, I couldn't wait to see but stare while my new sister arrived in her sleeping crate. My dad looked side to side, my mom seemed sore and numb a while, but it happens. I could almost hear my heart beating more than a million times faster as a drip of sweat was running down my forehead.

"Can I hold her?"

"Sure, but don't drop her!"

"I won't"

A sudden silence, a baby was put in my arms wrapped, but I was young, short, pound less. I didn't weigh much, and i couldn't handle carrying a baby about 9 lbs.

"Grandma, wanna hold the baby?"

I laughed, we all had a giggle inside our throats, but couldn't wait for someone to say something, we needed a laughing moment, for us to burst out laughing! ( ^_^ )

But as soon as each person started to leave and just go home letting my mom rest, my sister Julie and I wanted to stay back. We got bored and always asked my mom for money or change to buy something at the snack machine. We felt addictive, because when we kept going to the snack machine, the doctor gave us looks every 25 minutes. But it wasn't gonna easy if we starved and got hungry without eating something, but I gotta say," Gum is not a healthy food, unless it was Trident, I believe."

I always thought in my head:

  • Be Careful With A Newborn
  • Always Be Nice And Kind
  • Never do something bad with the baby

but I couldn't help it, I didn't know how to take care of a baby. And I thought I would have a very hard time.

Years Later, Later, And Later, my sister was growing up, now she's almost 3 years old

But right now, everything has changed through this process, I learned a lot and had a very rough but easy experience of taking care of a sister. It changed me that the things I did before, I couldn't do it now. I couldn't:

  • Go shopping
  • Go to the store often
  • Go buy me stuff like before
  • Go to Dinner (Go Out & Eat)

All of those and others I couldn't do, but I'm glad I have a sister because a sibling is

more important than anything in the world...

As soon as we got home, we sighed and just sat while the baby was sleeping. My mom stayed home for work because she needed to rest and get enough sleep.

Well, I'm pretty sure that's where it ended, but I know I should of remember it because it was a special day for me, but it was 5 years ago, I couldn't remember! :( But at least I remember bits of it.

Remembering 2010...

I can still remembering 2010, when my little sister was born...

And I hope that someday she is inspired of what I do, because I really did like to sing, and I to was inspired by my older sister.

I thought it was VERY scary at first to have a sister, but I'm glad and happy. But now, I have someone to play with even if she was is a bit younger, and now I'm not that lonely.

Back then, I can still hear her giggles when she was brought home, and the smile she had when she smiled like me like a baby.

I also think about at the beginning, that she'd mess around and being an amateur like always.

And, since she's almost 3 years old, I guess she's not a baby anymore which upsets me a bit because it was so cute when she crawled, and held my hand when she was sleeping.

"Oh!" I wish I had that moment again, but it was always tiring that I had to change her diaper, and feed her every time she was starving.

But the best part would be that when she grows up to be a teenager, we can do all the fun things we could do together, and I hope we be the best sisters together and always have the best time of our lives!

The same comparison is actually remembering my little sister born and going back to 3rd grade because it was so much fun and I learned so much to this experience!

And now, I feel better to have someone special in my life than my other siblings!!

So pretty much, in my opinion, is that having a little sister is more important to me, but I know some people doesn't get along with their siblings which is complicated! But to me, it's easy!