By: Iqroop Sahota

Description of New Brand Image:

Currently Fifa is a world renowned brand. It is highly popular as they direct the Fifa world cup, hosted in numerous countries and where millions of fans come together to watch football. The popularity should be more. This can be measured by the amount of people that attend games, and in order to have this, the price of tickets can be lowered slightly to accommodate more people. Currently, Fifa is already favorable and successful enough, as Fifa 2014 had around 3.2 billion people tuning in to watch the games. By having Fifa move slightly more to the right on the perceptual map, essentially gaining more popularity, the brand can be even more successful with the right promotions and endorsements that will further enhance Fifa's brand image. This would be making football more appealing to a wider target audience, and building customer loyalty and relations with fans. Fifa needs to be portrayed more as exciting, and yet friendly and for the people of the world.

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Any Changes to Slogan or Products/Services:

The slogan “For The Game For The World” is fine as it is. It says that Fifa is not only for the game, but for the people as well, as their corporate social responsibility has been highly successful. The most popular product that they have is the Fifa video game with Electronic Arts. this game has already been highly successful, as they target a more younger audiences with it. I have decided to keep the slogan and products the same as they are now. The slogan pretty much says that they are also for the people, at that matches the new image that they can create which will be more successful. The Fifa video games have been highly successful and have topped charts around they world. They have also come out with the women's Fifa game as well, to target more audiences.

Changes to Demographics and Psychographics:

Fifa has already successfully managed to appeal to a wide audience of age group and both sexes. However, the Fifa women’s world cup is not as popular as the men’s. So this comes in between them from directly targeting women. The Fifa Women's cup should be marketed and promoted as much as the men's cup, which would help make the brand more successful and reposition it. Fifa already targets a wide age group, all around the world

New Spokesperson:

The spokesperson for Fifa should be a well known football player, such as Lionel Messi. He is already on the cover of the Fifa video game. He is a highly successful and popular football player known for his performance on the field. He is known to be a friendly and compassionate footballer and that would fit perfectly with the image that Fifa is trying to portray. When people think of football, they think of players like Messi or Ronaldo. Messi fits the image of Fifa more, because he does, sort of in a way, represent football as a whole and he has a lot of positive publicity, as he is a great role model and inspires youth. This creates promise and personality within the brand, making Fifa seem more fun and engaging than it is now; which would lead into making the the brand more popular.

New Event Sponsorship:

Some events that Fifa could sponsor would be a charity fund, for example a small football game consisting of children where money can be raised to donate to charities, or Fifa’s charities. Another could be that Fifa can sponsor a concert of a popular artist associated with the world cup, for example J-Lo, Shakira, etc. These events fit the brand image that Fifa would like to portray, which is of fun, friendly, and for everyone, no matter your background. Anyone and everyone can be invited to these events to feel like they have a personal and emotional connection with football and these events would help liven up the excitement before the games begin. The concert would make it seem fun and the small football game for children would show Fifa’s caring nature that they always want to give back to the community. These events could be held around the time of the world cup, to entice and excite the crowd before the games.

Promotional Plan:

  1. Public relations: This would help enhance the positive image even further and gain support, and this would mainly be initiated by players. Many campaigns that Fifa puts out, such as their campaigns that help youth in developing nations would be enhanced by PR. This would make the brand seem more involved in the community and that it's for the people, not just the games. Another can be many of the interviews and press releases, being managed by PR person to bring closer the community relations and the brand itself. This would help reposition the brand.

  2. Sales promotion: These artifacts would be some of the many promotions that Fifa would undergo in order to further enhance their image by having more support from people around the world, thus repositioning the brand. Billboard ads or magazines that build excitement, by showing the emotional attachment that people have to sports as well. also, by engaging fans into contests, this would further help the brand become more desirable. Posting on Twitter, this would target anyone in the world to be able to enjoy Fifa.

  3. Also, the endorsements by popular footballers, that have a positive image and are considered role models, would help further the promotion of the brand.
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These are all critical in the positioning of the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Through publicity and advertising the correct material would help reposition the brand of Fifa. The right emotional connection from a fan to Fifa would be a connection of excitement, to never be disappointed, and always surprise during world cups. Already, Fifa is an amazing sports brand that inspires and helps many through the sport of football. The goals would be tangible, to increase awareness and reach the target market easily. The repositioning would be done to excel the performance of Fifa by lowering costs slightly and appealing to a more bigger audience, by expanding their CSR strategies into multiple third and second world countries, inspiring young to play football.