News from Sydenham P.S.

August 30, 2021

Welcome Back!

It is almost time to say, "Welcome back to school!" We are already beginning to prepare for another great year at Sydenham P.S. With one week of holidays left, our staff are returning to the building to work their magic and create engaging learning environments and plans for the year. Soon all we will need is our students! I am sure that you have many questions and wonderings about what this school year will look like for your children. Our LDSB Senior Team is working closely with KFL&A to establish our local COVID 19 protocols. At this point, it appears this year will be very similar to what we experienced last year. With some changes, almost all protocols in place last year remain.

Just over a week ago, the director of LDSB shared a Return to School update. Below you will find a link to the Director's message, which in turn contains links to the ministry reopening document and a link to the Limestone FAQs on school re-opening. It is my understanding that another message from the Director and a family guide is coming shortly with more information. Later in the week, we will share details of our school specific re-opening plan (first day plans, arrival and dismissal procedures, screening, and masking procedures and more).

The first day of school for all students from Grade 1-8, as well as all students who were in Kindergarten with us last year, is Tuesday September 7, 2021. We will have a staggered entry for our Junior Kindergarten and new Kindergarten learners only. Staggered entry dates have been emailed to kindergarten parents already. If you haven't received information about this yet, please reach out. We are still processing some new registrations, and we will be in touch!

Please enjoy the last week of summer holidays, more information to come later in the week!


Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. Marshall

SPS Staff 2021-22

Lori Bryson/Erin Gray - JK/SK

Sarah McCourt - Grade 1/2

Jenn Davey - Grade 2/3

Nicole Onyskiw - Grade 3/4 (pronounced "on - iss - cue")

Melanie Reid - Grade 5/6

Margaret Chung - Grade 7/8

Bruce Emmerton - Core French and Planning time

Alexandra Boese - Planning time

Angela Brockwell - Educational Assistant (partial afternoons)

Cathy Warren - Educational Assistant (afternoons)

Irene Kuipers - Educational Assistant

Holly Reichstein - Office Administrator

Keith Webster - Head Custodian (shared with Central P.S.)

Adam Orozco - Custodian

Sara Marshall - Vice Principal/Student Support Teacher

Dawn Diamond - Principal

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