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February 4, 2022

From the Principal

Happy February, Families!

It's hard to believe we're already planning for the '22-'23 school year. We're in the midst of staffing, planning our budget, and scheduling for next year. I'll give you an update on an upcoming City of Phoenix project, some procedural changes, and spring testing.

First, I received exciting news about the installation of a HAWK signal on 35th avenue that we have been looking forward to all year. Those of you who drop off and pick up your children know we battle some tough traffic conditions at our intersection. We've had one dedicated crossing guard all year, and are grateful for our Ms. Pat, who courageously shows up and crosses our students safely each morning and afternoon. We rotate other staff members as they're available to be the second crossing guard, as we've been unable to find a candidate for that job. I do it myself several days a week, so I know it's a harrowing task to get six lanes of traffic to slow down and stop for us. I have been in frequent contact with a City of Phoenix project manager all year, and they are ready to start the installation soon. The HAWK signal will allow us to push a button to activate a red light so we can more effectively control traffic in the 35th avenue and Behrend intersection. I've attached a flyer below for more information.

We're considering a change to drop off and pick up procedures for next year. Last year, dismissal was staggered to limit student congestion because of COVID. Half of our students dismissed at 3:15 and the other half dismissed at 3:30. We continued the practice this year, as the number of cars at dismissal increased. However, to protect instructional time we would like to go back to a 3:30 dismissal for all, with our K-2 students leaving class just a few minutes early for safety purposes. The number of cars picking students up will require us to reroute traffic and busses. I will share more information about this plan later in the spring as we plan to do a trial run to see how it works. I appreciate your cooperation as we try refining and improving our procedures. More information to come soon!

Finally, I want to share state standardized testing dates so you can plan appointments around them. We are required to test all students in grades 3-6, so it's important that everyone arrives on time on testing days and avoids unnecessary absences. This year, students in 3rd-6th grades will test on the following dates:

  • April 5, Writing
  • April 12, Reading Part 1
  • April 13, Reading Part 2
  • April 19, Math Part 1
  • April 20, Math Part 2

Additionally, 5th graders will take the AZSci test on April 22.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership! Looking forward to a busy, productive spring.

Kim Lanese

Park Meadows Principal

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Tips from the Reading Room with Mrs. Gibson & Mrs. Hainline

Tips from the Reading Room with Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Hainline....

Parents, when you are reading with your child have your child sequence the story when they finish reading. Sequencing is telling the story in the order it happened. See below for an example.

Example- In the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, the caterpillar hatched from an egg. Then each day it ate more and more food and was very full. At the end of the week, he made a cocoon. At last, he became a beautiful butterfly.

You might ask- Tell me the first thing that happened in the story. What happened next? Then what happened?

Happy reading!

Math Interventions with Mr. Cookman

Check out Johnnie's Math Page.. It's full of great Math Activities, Resources and Games.. Enjoy!!

PBIS Corner

School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a school-wide system of support that includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

We Are Park Expectation Matrix - Playground


  • Include others in games

  • Listen to the teacher

  • Line up when called

  • Tell a bully to Stop

  • Walk away from a bully

  • Talk to staff if you need help to solve a problem


  • Stop before: Getting off swings, going up ladders, and going down slides

  • Stay on playground

  • Helpful hands

  • Walk on the blacktop

  • Hands/body to self

  • Feet are always below your head


  • Friendly words

  • Share

  • Take turns

  • Throw away garbage


  • Share

  • Include everyone

  • Be gentle

  • Use polite words

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Parent Liaison Update with Mrs. Fraemohs

The Backpack Program is officially up and running. Park Meadows will receive the first delivery Tuesday, February 8th and the first distribution will be Thursday, February 10th. If you have already been contacted you are on the list to receive food for the weekends, expect to hear from Mrs. Fraemohs to give you a call this week to see if you are able to pick up here at the school or if you need your child to take it home with them.

If you are interested in joining this program, just contact me at and her know you would like to join. Please leave an accurate working phone number for her to contact you.

Below is what the menu will look like.

Life in the Lunchroom

As we head into February, our 2nd and 3rd choice daily meal options will change to a grilled cheese sandwich and a "grab and go" bag that will have a turkey stick, string cheese, cherry muffin, carroteenies and apple slices. The only vegetarian choice this month will be the grilled cheese sandwich and few days this month the regular entrée will also be a vegetarian choice.

We have two half days this month for parent teacher conferences on Feb. 17th and 18th and we always serve lunch on these days. If your student is dropped off by a parent in the mornings, please make sure they are on campus between 8:15-8:30 am to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Anyone arriving after 8:35 am will receive a grab and go breakfast bag they take to the classroom.
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Spring and Class Photo Day

Picture Day is Coming Soon!

Park Meadows Elementary

Wednesday, February 16th

Prepay Code: ParkMeadowsSpring22

Dress your best and show us your pearly whites for Spring and Class Photo Day Wednesday, February 16th. All students will take a group photo with their class. If you would like to purchase individual photos of your child, please be sure to purchase them in advance online or send in payment with your student. Only students who have prepaid for photos or brought their form and money in on picture day will have their individual photos taken. Forms and link can be found below or stop by the front office and pick up a form.
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From the Shelves of the LMC

Hear ye Hear ye! Our Spring Book Fair is coming up February 14-18, 2022. This time we are having a a late night on Wednesday, February 16 until 7 pm. Come one, come all. Each day we will be open until 3:45 pm. We hope to see everyone at the Book Fair to make it a smashing success. Don't forget those that read succeed!!!

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Park Meadows Event Center

Upcoming Events

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences -February 14-18
  • Spring Picture Day-Wednesday, February 16
  • Book Fair- February 14-18

Early Dismissal Days

  • 90 Minute Early Dismissal Days- February 4, 11, &25
  • Half Day 12:05 PM Dismissal-February 17 & 18
  • No School- Monday, February 21

Save the Date

  • Incoming Kindergarten Preview Night March 3, 5-7 PM
  • Spring Break March 14-18

Grade Level Newsletters

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Are You Interested in Working at Park Meadows?

We currently have the following positions open and are interviewing great candidates:

  • Paraprofessionals- Support students and teachers in special education classrooms (full time)
  • Crossing Guard- Safely cross our students in the mornings and afternoons (M-F, 3 hours/day)

Contact the school office if you are interested!

DVUSD Job Fair

Deer Valley Unified School District has established a reputation for excellence. We work hard to be the best educators in our field. Our district-wide standards of excellence allow us to accomplish what we value as an organization and collectively elevate us to higher levels of performance.

We are seeking enthusiastic team members who are pursuing greatness and who can help provide our students with diverse opportunities. We know that our employees are the key to maintaining our standards of excellence. From staff members to teachers, we empower our employees to meet the needs of our students and engage in their learning community.

Please see the attached flyer below for information on our upcoming job fair!