Excellent Feedback

Provide your students with feedback that will motivate them!

How will you motivate your students?

Most people believe the misconception that if you provide feedback, such as, "Good Job!" or "Excellent Work!", students will feel encouraged and motivated... This is not the case. When providing feedback, do so keeping this in mind: Your feedback should be specific, timely and provided in a way that is meaningful to the individual!

Tips for excellent feedback

There are some things you should keep in mind when you are providing feedback:
1.) What kind of work are we having our students complete? (Will the students be able to easily answer the questions on the assignment?)
2.) Considering the objective, what are we hoping that our students achieve with this assignment?
3.) Make sure the objectives and standards are aligned with the assignment
4.) Focus on 1 to 2 things at a time rather than everything!
5.) Allow the students to outline their learning goals
6.) Allow and encourage students to track their own progress
7.) Use critical feedback: Provide strategies or possible solutions for improving the challenge
8.) Be sure to ONLY give feedback on the material that is covered
9.) Try to provide feedback as fast as possible
10.) Remember: The teaching is in the feedback!

To be more specific...