Mini Lessons

RI.2.4, RI.2.9, RF.2.3 ,

Day 1

Letterland Objective

Unit 9 spelling words
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We will be learning about how we can use context clues to find meaning of unknown words. I will read aloud a book and will discuss different words that we can find the meaning of using context clues.

Main Idea

What is the Main Idea?

The main idea is the point of the paragraph. It is the most important thought about the topic. To figure out the main idea, ask yourself this question: What is being said about the person, thing, or idea (the topic)? The author can locate the main idea in different places within a paragraph.
Introduction to Reading Skills: Identify main idea and supporting details

Day 2

Whiteboard Activity

Make a T Chart on your whiteboard. On one side write ee and on the other side write ea.

Look at the list of words and sort them by their rule.








Using Key Details

Main Idea vs. Key Details

What is an irregular noun?

Irregular Plurals. The vast majority of nouns in the English language are made plural by adding an "s" or "es" to the end of the word.
Irregular nouns

Day 4


Double ee
Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ee/ sound

Capitalizing Products and Holidays

Take a look at some of the items Mrs. Messick brought in. We will learn more about products and holidays and why we capitalize them.

A Closer Look at Context Clues.

Monitoring Comprehension

Day 5


Spelling Test
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Monitoring Comprehension