Get Paid to Put People to Sleep

Learn all about Anesthesiologists

What do Anesthesiologists do?

An Anesthesiologist is a doctor who sedates, or puts you to sleep, during a surgery. It seems like this job can be done by anyone, but it's way more complex than it seems. You not only keep them unconscious, you also take away a lot of the pain for the patient. Yes, there will be some pain after the surgery, but an Anesthesiologist takes a big amount of that away.

This job is not like any other job. it takes years of education and training. Also, you have to be very dedicated to pursue this career. If you want to be an Anesthesiologist, the following information will give you the basics of how to become one.

Are you up for the job?

Education Needed

In order to be an Anesthesiologist, you first need to start with getting a bachelor’s degree leading up to a degree in medicine. However, in order to get into med school, you must take the Medical Admission College Test. Once you’ve completed school and received your medical degree, you must complete a residency for anesthesiology for at least four years. If you take more than four years of the residency, it’ll most likely be to practice in a specific area such as pediatrics, critical care or research. ****INCLUDE COLLEGES***

Helpful Skills & Experience

As far as skills and techniques for the job, these are just a few helpful things that will consider you a good doctor, more specifically, an Anesthesiologist. Being able to know the terms of all your medical approaches for the surgery and also giving your patients all the best options as well as risks for each one. Being proactive and listening to all your peer’s ideas or thoughts on your approach. Talking to your patients in a way that they can understand. For extra experience and to get more in depth for the profession, many doctors will take a joint residency or fellowship, which is where you follow and work with actual surgeons or doctors and learn from them.

How much money can you make?

Being an Anesthesiologist means you get payed a great amount of money. The average salary an Anesthesiologist earns per year is about $246,320. However, in 2006, the average salary was $186,00. So from then to now the pay of the job has increased by a great amount. This is a reasonable salary because all the work put into this job and working long hours i really difficult to do.

Benefits of being an Anesthesiologist

There are many benefits to being an Anesthesiologist. First of all, this job has been around for awhile, so the people who are older have been recently retiring, giving opportunities to the new and younger Anesthesiologist coming into the profession. Also, Anesthesiologists normally only need to be involved with the patient when they're explain the approach of the medications, during the surgery, or directly after when they need to do check ups. Therefore, they don’t need to stay at the hospital unless they’re on-call and don’t have any concern of their patient until needed.