( 1925 - )

C.T.Vivian young life

C.T. Vivian was born in Howard, Missouri he was born in 1925 on July 30. He lived in a farm but his family did not it own it , but his family plans to own the farm one day unfortunately it never happened. They never got the house . In 1960 Vivian was 36. Vivian is still alive he is 90 years old. When Vivian grow up and became a minister, author and was a close friend and lieutenant of reverend Martin Luther King Jr .

What Vivian did

Vivian help with Civil Rights since the 1940 's. He help with freedom rides and sit -ins. James Lawson, Diane Nash and James Bevel all help Vivian to make a change like freedom rides and sit-ins. Vivian became acquainted with James Lawson. In 1961 Vivian was among the Nashville activists.

C. T. Vivian helped with the anniversary of Bloody Sunday march across Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma ,Alabama and white freedom rides of sit-ins across our country. Vivian also met Barack Obama speaking at the occasion of the anniversary of Selma to Montgomery Marches in March 2007 .On August 8 2013, president Barack Obama gave Vivian the Presidential Medal of freedom.