Prince of Wolves

by Quinn Loftis

Book review by Mireyah Constancio

An odinary 17 year old girl Jauqe Pierce is getting ready to start her senior year in highschool. she lives in coldspring,texas. an exchange student from romania moves in across the street. sally and jen jaques friends do not realize how much more exciting their summer is about to become a lot more interesting. jaque feels a connection as soon as they meet eyes. shes is little aware that she is faslling head over heels over a werewolf. little does she know sheis his soul mate. fane is also not the only werewolf in her town. just as the two get to know each other another wolf interfers to take jauqe away from fane. they will both have to fight to see who gets to keep the girl. they will both have to see who has enough stength to defeat the enemy.

what did you like about the book?

The fact that the two guys fought to the death for the girl to see who would have her. that gave the book a lot of action!!

Would recommend anyone to read this?

Umm if your a girl then yes, but otherwise no because I assume most of you guys think this was gay.