Hunger Team Newsletter

Week of May 4th

Important Info

School computers will be turned in on Wednesday & Thursday through your student's PE class.

Friday is a half-day. Dismissal is at 11:30

Have a great summer!!!!

This Week:


Mrs. Coffer: We will be finishing up our probability unit in math and learning how this concept applies to our everyday lives.

Mr. Biggers: Summative Test on Tuesday. Book return on Wednesday.

Language Arts

Check to make sure your child is finished with their argumentative essay for me. The final copy of it is due Tuesday, May 19! No late papers will be accepted. The students are turning them in through my google classroom. The rest of the week will be spent researching and debating a topic in groups. I can't believe our time together is about over. Thank you for a great year.


Have a great summer. Take time to wonder, explore and enjoy the world around you!

Social Studies

Students are working on their Amazing Race Final Project. The project is due on May 20th. Any projects that are not turned in on May 20th will receive a "0".

It's been a great year! I've enjoyed each and every student!

Industrial Tech

Your student survived Ind Tech I! Thanks for being a part of this process as your student learned and worked with new concepts and ideas. It has been a rewarding semester and I hope that your student was challenged to step out of his/her comfort zone and apply what was taught. If the class was enjoyed, then I hope to see your student in Ind Tech II next school year where we will be exploring engineering concepts, assembly lines, and advanced woodworking.