How to become a millionaire

BY: Lucas Foster


Many Self-Made Millionaires are characterized as frugal. Wealthy people are careful with every penny and every dollar. They won't buy a new car when they can get it used. They never buy if they can lease or rent, and will not rent or lease if they can borrow.

Main Idea

Saving money is a big part of becoming a self-made millionaire, Creating a "finacial freedom" bank account is one way to go, the only way money flows through this account is inward. Take maybe 5-10% out of every paycheck you will start to see it grow. Eventually, after doing this for a few months, you won't even notice the 5 or 10% gone.

What you need to feel.

Many people feel pain when they save money and pleasure when they go out and spend it. To become a millionaire you need to be the exact opposite, you need to feel happiness and pleasure when saving your money and pain when you are spending it.