Bucket Retrieval Party

Get yer buckets back here!

Buckets R Gr8

Some men collect these buckets! The man in the video to the side does this! (The other guy is none too pleased)

Bucket Retrieval Party!

Saturday, Feb. 1st 2042 at 12:30am

Boat of Garten, United Kingdom

Boat of Garten, Scotland

Yeah, boat party! We'll be smooth sailing as we give all of the walruses and seals their buckets back!

It will take place at 12:30 a.m.! Bring a noodle!

1. We will be swimming in the ocean!

2. We will be playing video games!

3. We will be showing movies, such as Grease 2 and the Room!

4. We will be listening to such great music like, uh... yeah, Genesis!

Timothy Ratzmann

Smooth Sailin' by Timothy Ratzmann