October 22, 1039

England Absorbs Waves OF Invaders

From 800 A.D to 1066 A.D England was constantly being invaded. It may be Vikings or it may have been some other region of Europe attacking, but they were always being invaded. England being as strong as an army as they were would not stand for this. They fought back and defended very well. After the attacks stopped they recovered and had one of the strongest governments in Europe.

Early Invasions

As I said above most of the invasions came from the Danish vikings. Gradually the Angles invaded and changed the name from the island of Britain to England which means "The land of the Angles." Eventually after all of the invasions some of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons became one people. One last invasion occurred in January of 1566 when King Edward died without a heir to the throne. This caused a great struggle for the throne started.
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The Norman Conquest

This started when William The Conqueror invaded. He was the Duke of Normandy. Normandy is a region of France that was taken by the Vikings. William was King Edward's cousin so William took the throne of England. But he did not take it without a fight. After his victory he claimed all of England as his personal property.