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Library Ministry - Park Cities Baptist Church - Feb. 2019

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The Bible - a Love Letter from God

In this Issue:

  • Inspiration from One of Our Own
  • Ladies Book Brunch - Feb. 9
  • New Titles
  • Our Most Popular Books
  • Most Popular RightNow Media Titles
  • Read Through the Bible
  • Dig Deeper Into the Sermon Series Feb 17- Mar. 3
  • Our Blog
  • Sign On Helps

Full Circle - From Patron to Author

One of our new titles in our collection is written by a former member of PCBC. Lisa White, the author of one of the testimonial stories in Souls in the Sand, grew up in this church and was an active member when she lived in Dallas. She shares the story of losing her firstborn child, and the love and support she received from her church and Sunday School class in the early '90s.

"It really meant so much to know that the church library will have a copy of the book. Park Cities Baptist is the church in which I grew up. I remember checking out books from that library as an elementary school girl! That black and white floor was a gateway to adventure through reading. Mrs. Howard created such a legacy!

I hope the story encourages others and especially those dear ones from the Zachry Class who walked that journey with us and those who attended her funeral."

---Lisa White

Greg and Lisa shared their story with our congregation in the worship service five weeks after the death of their daughter, Rebecca. Dr. Pleitz entitled the sermon “When Sorrow Comes.” It was in March of 1992. Lisa's strength and faith continues to amaze us, decades later, as she shares her experience through this book. For more information about this compilation of inspiring stories, check out this website.

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We had a great Ladies Book Brunch, Saturday, February 9th, despite the cold winter weather! Our hearts were warmed by good food, lovely table decorations that reminded us spring is coming, and lively discussions of the four selected books listed below.

Our next event is in the planning stages for late spring. Watch for new methods of communication as we set the date and determine titles for our next featured books. If you have a book to recommend, please share it with us! If you love our book brunch, spread the word and invite your friends! If you haven't joined us yet, make plans to attend the next one! Everyone is welcome - just pop in and see what the fun is all about! We've been doing this for nearly four years and our attendance continues to grow - no commitment required!

New Additions to the PCBC Library Collection

Here are some of the new books that we’ve added to the Library Collection. Also, we’ve added a bunch of new titles to our OverDrive collection of e-books and downloadable audiobooks.

New Bible Study Kits

Check out one of our many Bible Study Kits to use for personal or small group Bible Study. Several of our patrons are using these kits, complete with video sessions and workbooks, to plan small group Bible studies in their neighborhood.

Children's Titles

Non-Fiction Titles

Link to the PCBC Online Catalog - OPAC

Use it to learn more about these books and all the others in our collection. Log in with your username and password, and you can reserve, renew or even review books. Contact the Library for more information.

Popularity Contest

We wanted to know which of our books had been checked out the most often. We ran a report, and here are the top five:

Adult Titles:

Lincoln’s Battle with God, by Stephen Mansfield

An Extra Mile, by Sharon Garlough Brown

Whisper: How to hear the voice of God, by Mark Batterson

Sensible Shoes, by Sharon Garlough Brown

Two Steps Forward, by Sharon Garlough Brown

Children’s Titles:

Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss

The Adventures of Curious George, by Margret and H.A. Rey

The Very Quiet Cricket, by Eric Carl

Rocking in My School Shoes, by Eric Litwin

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, by Eric Litwin

Most Popular RightNow Media Titles

Our friends at RightNow Media also let us know what the most popular online videos are:

Bible Studies: James, by Frances Chan

Kids: Superbook

Marriage: Love & Respect, by Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles, by Paul David Tripp

Leadership: Peach Tree Leadership, by Donnie Smith

Finance: Dave Ramsey’s Life. Money. Legacy.

Men: Shaken, by Tim Tebow

Women: Crossing the Waters, by Leslie Leyland Fields

So step away from the Netflix, and spend some serious time with faith-building RightNow Media videos.

Don’t have your RightNow Media login? Contact the PCBC Library so we can email you an invitation.

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Dig Deeper

The February sermon series will be a three-week series on the nature of the Bible. What is it? Where did it come from? Who wrote it? What is all about? How do we read it and how do we relate to it? We’ll learn more about biblical inspiration, the historicity of the Bible and how to read the Bible. We put together a Booklist with titles in our Library that will help you dig deeper:

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As you keep up with your daily reading in our Year of the Bible, you might want to explore each book in more depth. Here are the links to the Book Lists on OPAC that have selected titles for the Pentateuch:






Remember, all you have to do to see other Book Lists, is go to and click on the LIST tab.

Click the Right Button

There’s a new member database at Park Cities Baptist Church. It’s known as TouchPoint, and it’s a treasure trove of useful information. When you go to the PCBC website, you’ll find a Member Login button in the upper right hand corner of each page. It couldn’t be easier to log on and check out your member profile.

But – if you want to access our online patron access catalog, OPAC, don’t confuse the Member Logon button on the Library page with the Account Log On, which is on the Library Catalog.

It’s just a little confusing if you’re a newbie at this. So check it out and give us a call if you have trouble logging in to OPAC. Hint: You can get directly to our OPAC page and log on using our FREE Librista app on your phone. Or if you’re at your computer, use our tinyurl –

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