The Blueprint

Monday, August 24, 2020 Cycle Day 5

Big picture

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Where we are "Constructing the Future" and "Laying the Foundation for Success!"

Thank YOU!!

Thank you very much to all of our staff, parents, guardians, childcare providers and students for all of your flexibility last week as we are all working together to make remote learning happen for our Skinner Scholars!

**Friendly reminder, when students are not muted, we are able to hear conversations and comments being made by students, parents/guardians/childcare providers and staff. Please be mindful of language used while students are on TEAMS as well as being mindful when students have cameras on as well**

Have Questions... or Comments???

Parents, guardians and childcare providers, if you have questions and or comments for homeroom teachers please:

  • use the teachers' office hours to ask the questions and or share comments with them.
  • email the teacher the questions and or comments

Waiting to ask questions or share comments during designated office hours or through email (rather than asking them during instruction or in the chat) allows the teacher to be able to focus on your questions and or comments directly and not take away from instructional time with students.

Adjusted Time Allotments

Hopefully you already received an email from the District Office about Adjusted Daily Schedules for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade Students. We are working to finalize the adjusted schedules and they will be shared in TEAMS, on the Skinner Website and Facebook page on Tuesday, August 25th and the adjusted schedules will start on Wednesday, August 26th.

Remote Learning Location Information

Please click on the link below to help us learn more about where our Skinner Scholars are completing their Remote Learning.

iPad Remote Learning Headset Pick UP

We had over 150 students pick up their Remote Learning Headphones this weekend! If you weren't able to make it this weekend, you can come up to school between 8:00am-6:00pm any day this week to pick them up. Please come to the front door and ring the buzzer and a Skinner Staff member will bring the headphones out to you. Reminder the headphones are for our KDG-5th grade students at this time. We will provide more information about headphones for our PK students once their iPods have arrived.

SAFI (Student and Family Information) Forms

The majority of our students received pre-printed SAFI forms with their back to school materials. Please take a few minutes to go over those sheets and make any updates needed.

**Even if everything is correct, please still return these papers as we need to have them on file for all of our students!**

If you need to update your address, please bring a MUD or OPPD bill, rental or lease agreement and we can make a copy and update the address in the system. But without we can not update addresses.

Student Enrollment -Elementary Family Census Forms

For those students that did not receive the pre-printed SAFI forms, you may have filled a set of these papers out. If they were turned into the Skinner Office, we will have them. If you haven't turned them in yet, you can bring them to us this week too.

We will have blank copies of these forms available too. Just let a Skinner staff member know that you need a set to fill out.

Student Handbook Lessons

Mrs. Cox-Jones (Principal) and Mrs. Nekola (Assistant Principal) will be recording Student Handbook Lessons for our all Skinner students that the teachers will share with their homeroom students next week. These lessons will be placed in the assignments under each classrooms TEAMS. More details will be shared in the assignment section of TEAMS.

Morning Job Site Announcement w/Mrs. Cox-Jones & Mrs. Nekola

Each morning, Mrs. Cox-Jones (Principal) or Mrs. Nekola (Assistant Principal) will share morning announcements via TEAMS each morning from 8:50am-8:55am. (We are working on being able to send the invite directly to each student via email but until then, their teachers will share their screen with their classrooms.)