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First Quarter Happenings: October 2019

Greetings Line Creek Families!

We are off to a great start. It is nice to be back into our school routine and witness our students learn all of the new concepts our school has adopted this year. As a school community, we are utilizing principles of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) in addition to the 7 Habits, which we've used over the last few years from The Leader in Me Program. You will hear students use language from both of these resources this year. You probably have heard your child talk a lot about the "Big 3"-Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. The Big 3 is a part of our school wide expectations for each area of our building, and they flowed greatly into our initial counselor lessons this year. To learn more information on PBIS and Leader in Me, visit the links below.

August and September

Counseling lesson were focused on Skills for Learning.
  • For Kinder-2nd Grade, those skills included: Following Directions, Listening with Attention, and Being Assertive. Kinder and 1st grade watched the Sesame Street video to learn more about whole body listening. View the video after this section.
  • In 3rd-5th grade, those skills included: Being Respectful Learners, Being Assertive and using Empathy.
  • Within these lessons, students practiced basic focusing strategies. You can build on these at home by discussing the importance of looking the person we are speaking to in the eye, or by asking your student to repeat your instructions when you offer them at home.
Sesame Street: Cookie's Crumby Pictures- The Biscotti Kid (Karate Kid Parody)

Being Assertive

Each grade level learned that being assertive is a form of communication that helps us get what we want or need. Students in grades K-2 learned that assertive is using their "Me Voice". Grade levels practiced the following skills to understand what assertive looks and sounds like:
  • Face the person you are talking to.
  • Keep your head up and shoulders back.
  • Use a calm, firm voice.
  • Use respectful words.


Students learned the meaning of bullying, the definition of empathy, how to look for clues to recognize how people are feeling, and respecting differences.

In Park Hill we define bullying by 3 indicators:

  • Behavior is repeated
  • Intent to harm (behavior occurred on purpose)
  • Imbalance of power (student has a hard time defending themselves)-i.e. disability, age gap, number of people involved, weight, etc.

Empathy means putting yourself in someone else's shoes and trying to understand how they feel.

  • To help your child apply empathy, practice with them on how to focus their attention on facial, body, and situational cues to recognize how an individual is feeling.
  • Students also learned that everyone can have different feelings than they do, about the same situation, and that is okay.


This year, I will continue to send out quarterly newsletters to provide families with information on what their child has learned throughout the quarter during counselor lessons. Newsletters will help you have conversations with your child about various topics, as well as, give you insight on how to implement and reinforce life long skills into your home environment.

Monthly Counselor Lesson Topics

  • Emotion Management (November & December)
  • Problem Solving (January)
  • Substance Education (February)
  • Career (March)
  • Mindfulness (April)
  • TBA (May)

Community Events

Below is a community partner event sponsored by Park Hill School District, Synergy Services, Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church and Signature Psychiatry Hospital. The event is a supportive, education community discussion on depression. Childcare is provided.
Big picture

I wish you well.