8th Grade Brass

Remember Class starts at 10:47 Today rhythm test

4 Minute Timer
Big image

Bellefonte Overture

Beginning to 35 is your playing test for Monday!!

Today 43 to 73 Bellefonte if we finish written test

C Major Scale (again)

Low Brass and Percussion

C___ D___ E___ F___ G___ A___ B___ C___ B___ A___ G___ F___ E___ D___ C


D___ E___ F#___ G___ A____ B____ C#___ D___ C#___ B___ A___ G___ F#___ E___ D

13___ 12___ 2___ 0___ 12___ 2___ 12___ 0___ 12___ 2___ 12___ 0___ 2___ 12___ 13

Have a great Weekend Maybe get your Florida Permission slip Turned in