I'm A Star

Chrystal Ngawuchu

Firework Katy Perry- Lyrics

If I Was A Planet...

I would be Earth.

  • Earth depends on the sun.
  • People depend on the the Earth.

If I Was A Drink...

I would be water.

  • Looked for after workout
  • Can be enhanced

If I Was Music...

I would be rap.

  • Coveys a message
  • Creative beats.

If I Was A School Subject...

I would be art.

  • Vision in mind
  • No set rules.

If I Was A Letter...

I would be A.

  • First.
  • Best.

If I Were An Article Of Clothing...

I would be socks.

  • Not seen but still there.

If I Were A Electronic Device...

I would be an mp3 player.

  • Different genres.
  • Plays songs.

If I Were An Olympic Sport...

I would be gymnastics.

  • Creative and exciting.

If I Were A Cartoon Character...

I would be Jerry

  • Figures things out
  • Creative
  • Smart

If I Were A Movie...

I would be high School Musical.

  • Spontaneously breaks out in songs

" When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going."