Mrs. Voegele's Classroom News

Dec. 4, 2015

Things to Remember

Shoes!!! If you would like to leave a pair of shoes at school you may. It's hard to remember shoes everyday when you have to wear boots too!

Snowpants, coat, hat, mittens, boots - EVERY DAY! Students go out to recess every day even if they don't remember to bring their things. So please make sure their cold weather clothes are ready to go in the morning!

Mark Your Calendars!

December 11- Skateland Party 5-7pm

January 8- Skateland Party 5-7pm

January 19- PTA meeting, in the library 6:15-7:30

April 22nd - School Carnival

1st Grade...

The Nutcracker- 1st graders have been studying the Nutcracker Ballet. We've read several versions of the story and are quickly finding our favorite characters and scenes.

We will have a tasting tea party as a conclusion of our study on Dec. 22. Students often want to dress up for the tea party, just a heads up!

Reading- Inferring: using the text from a book and our background knowledge to infer what the author isn't directly telling us.

Spelling/Phonics: Blends- pl, cl, fl, bl, dr, br, cr, pr... two letters that blend together to make a sound. (different from a digraph like ch, wh, sh, th)

Math: adding combinations to make 10, place value

Social: What are our NEEDS and WANTS- perfect time of the year for this! :)

What's going on at SOUTH?

Star Student of the Week... Keiara, Asma & Milli are the STAR students eating lunch with Mrs. Chyle and Miss Brandi this week!

Ryan Is our ARTIST this week! Great job Ryan!