4C News

Monday, December 3, 2018

Ornament Workshop

On Thursday, December 20th, we'll spend from 11:15-1:00 making ornaments! Please use the link below to sign up if you're interested in helping that morning. I am looking for parents who want to float around and help kids as needed and to runs stations. The kids will be painting and using those fine motor skills! In addition, I'm asking each child to contribute $3 towards the cost of supplies. Thank you for your continued support!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ On Friday, the class took their second CML competition. They also have been super busy multiplying and dividing! Thank you for being patient with us as your 4th grader learns the steps for long division and 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication. Both processes just take time and practice.


PAWS ~ No new PAWS this week. We are taking the week to work on a fiction piece in class. A change in pace makes everyone feel energized!

Explorers ~ Last week the kids started to learn about the Europeans who ended up exploring North America. Please ask them about the reasons for exploring. In the coming days we'll build a timeline

Picture Book Friday ~ This is brand new! Each Friday a student will entertain the class with a read aloud. Logan is going first and is on for this Friday!

Sneakers & Instruments

Kids need to remember sneakers for PE on Wednesday and Friday. Instruments need to come to school on Wednesday for lessons and Thursday for ensembles.

Friday is a Half Day!