OMG it is the fight The GWS VS KW

By Jose Literacy 3/4 Teacher Miss Raymond and Miss Williams

Nature's Perfect Predator - Great White Shark

Who will win

Did you know that the great white shark loses 3,000 teeth in its lifetime? Killer whales also have large teeth. They grow to be about 4 inches long. However, killer whales never grow back their teeth if they lose them. Great whites have rows of teeth that always grow back. Also, both the great white shark and the killer whale are at the top of the food chain. They have no known enemies. If the great white shark and the killer whale were to get into a fight, the great white shark would definitely win. The great white shark will win because of its teeth and its strength.

Great white is awesome

The great white shark would demolish the whale because of its strong, sharp teeth.The great white shark has many rows of large teeth and a strong jaw. The great white could use its mighty teeth to easily break the killer whale's bones. Additionally, the great white always has rows of teeth to attack with. Whenever it loses a tooth, others grow back to replace it. The great white could lose and grow back more than 3,000 teeth in its lifetime! There is no doubt that the great white would eliminate the whale because of its teeth.


A different reason why a great white shark will demolish a killer whale is its strength and muscle. For example, the book says that both the whale and the shark can jump entirely out of the water. This is because the shark is so well-built and fast. If a whale jumps out of the water, the shark will follow and attack it because the whale would be its prey. In addition, the shark is able to get strong bites, make the whale weak, and easily eliminate it. The shark would break a fin on the whale with its strength. The shark’s strength is the best advantage it has to beat the killer whale.

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In conclusion, there is no way that the great white shark will lose the fight. Its strength and its teeth will make the whale weak and the shark will easily overcome it. Its razor-sharp teeth are the best thing the shark has to defeat the whale. The shark’s strength will also help it attack.