Week 28 Review

March 9 - 13


Monday (3.9.15) - Students read about Imperialism and the tactics The United States used to secure the annexation of Hawaii from the Japanese.

Tuesday (3.10.15) - Students were given notes on Immigration, they can be found right here as well.

Wednesday (3.11.15) - Students Completed a reading about Chinese Immigration in the late 1800's and we analyzed a political cartoon about Chinese Immigration as well.

Thursday (3.12.15) - We had shortened hours as the kids watched a play at the High School in the morning. We spent our class period doing a webquest learning about he immigration process at Ellis Island which you can see here

Friday (3.13.15) - We built a life-sized tenement apartment in class. The students then learned to make their own tenement apartment on graph paper and had to draw to scale.