Mrs. Farrell's Class Newsletter

ENG 402/406 & Foundations II

What is Your Goal?

At the beginning of the year I asked you to send me a goal you had for the semester. It is now time to check on our progress. I'll be sending a Kmail to those of you who sent me an original goal. Please respond to the Kmail with your thoughts on your progress. Are you going to reach your goal by the semester's end? If not, what can you do to revise your goal to something achievable?

I can't wait to celebrate our success!

Research Paper Rough Drafts are Due!

If you haven't already done so, please make sure to turn in your research paper rough draft right away. Remember to use your outline to guide your writing. Things like your thesis statement can be copied and pasted right into your paper. Look for my feedback on the paper itself (in the form of comments on the side) and on the checklist. Both will be attached to your submission in Dropbox.

I'm excited to read about your creative topics!

Attendance Incentive Beginning 12/7/15

It's really important for all students to attend our Class Connect sessions each Monday. Our data shows students who attend class each week are more likely to pass and be highly successful in their courses. I want all of us to bask in success, so I'm now offering an attendance incentive.

Each time you come to our Monday Class Connect session you'll receive course credit as well as an entry into our monthly $5 Starbucks gift card drawing. What a deal! You'll engage with the class, dive into content, earn credit at the same time, and potentially win a gift card --- it doesn't get much better than that!

I look forward to seeing you all there!