Blue Ridge Treks

Asheville, North Carolina

Fall Leadership Group

Blue Ridge Treks will be providing a Fall Leadership Group for 13-14 year-old males and females from September-November. Group will meet Wednesdays from 4:15pm - 6:15pm. The program consists of 60 hours of self and group leadership training, including 10 total sessions - 8 after-school sessions, 1 Saturday session, and one overnight backpacking trip. Total cost is $400, and can be made in weekly payments of $40.

Please call us at 828-707-5751 | 828-707-3987 or email us at to sign up today!

About Us

Blue Ridge Treks is an adventure-based therapy program designed to enhance physical and psychological health and wellness in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina. Owned and operated by two professional therapists, the program model is based on self-leadership and developing meaningful relationships with others. Joe and Alex believe in developing a strong sense of self, strong relationships with others, health and connection with nature.

We provide weekly individual, family, and group therapy sessions. Please email us at about interest in discussing this service further!

Blue Ridge Treks

Alex Hersey, LCSW, Wilderness First Responder

Joe Early, LCSW, Wilderness First Responder