Wednesday, March 11th

Schizophrenia Assignment due TOMORROW

INSTRUCT: The Impact of Schizophrenia on the Brain

Many Brain regions and systems operate abnormally in schizophrenia, including those highlighted below

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INFORM: Assignment Understanding Schizophrenia DUE

Thursday, March 12th, 11:30pm

This is an online event.

In this assignment, you will examine the oftentimes confusing nature of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder have been mixed up so many times in Hollywood that it can be confusing.

CELEBRATE: Thanks for the Response

Thank you to all who responded to the survey about Spring Break dates - I'm taking all the data submitted and will have a fourth grading period schedule ready to share soon. In the meantime, remember 3rd grading period ends March 20th - and we are 3/4 done with the course!
REQUIRED Spring Break Survey

Make sure to submit this survey as soon as possible!

INFORM: To Do This Week!

There are a number of assignments for Module 12 that are due this week! Please review the due dates below - and be mindful of your time! Make sure you build enough time into your schedule to complete the assigned tasks!
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INSTRUCT/REVIEW: Psychological Disorders

There are many theories and schools of thought about the origins of psychological disorders. After reviewing the notes and completing the activities in your course, you may still want some additional information.

Textbook Companion Site

The textbook companion website can be accessed from the AP Psychology class in Moodle. The website has practice tests, flashcards, chapter summaries and activities to help students understand the material.