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About 13 Reasons Why

One day innocent Clay receives a mysterious box on his front steps after the recent suicide of Hannah Baker. Little did he know that inside the box it would contain recordings from the one and only Hannah on why she killed her self. Inside Clay realizes that Hannah dealt with a lot in her life wether it be a stalker or someone spreading rumors behind her back. Even though it doesn't seem like it bullying comes in a lot of different ways, not always physical but its the words that hurt the most.

International Bullying Prevention Association

The purpose and goals met of this Association is to not only stop bullies but to help individuals put whats passed behind them and develop as civic leaders in our worlds community today. The IBPA has also learned that stoping bullying at an early start can prevent suicide or depression later on. It is important to stress when to go to a councilor or a parent when needing someone to talk to, letting it out can always be better. There are annual conferences you can attend where you sit down with people just like you and talk about your experiences and how we can put a stop to it and overcome together.


Hannah Baker - The Victim

Actions, words, and thoughts can all hurt. When Hannah Baker was invited to go to a party with the Ms. Popularity also known as Courtney Crimson she was honored and felt special. After the party disappointed Hannah felt betrayed as if she was only being used as a ride to the party. Funny thing is this wasn't the first time, Courtney had done the same thing many times before, making someone feel special before dumping them on the side of the curb. Before you know it Hannah is recording herself on tapes to send of before she swallows to many pills. In this situation it is important to go see a trusted teacher or parent, if that doesn't work go see a person who can help talk to you and walk you through it. If you are having these feeling go and talk to Courtney to resolve the problem and move past this obstacle, tell her how you feel and stand up for what you believe in.

Courtney- The Perpetrator

You never know what did was bad until it happens to you. Courtney should've been careful on what shed done not realizing it would bite her in the back later on. Be careful what you say to people Courtney because you never know whats going on with them outside the social bubble or how what you say can turn someones day upside down and not for the good reasons.

Mr. Poter- The Bystander

When Hannah comes to the trustworthy guidance councilor, or who she thinks, she tells him everything and tries to get advice. Mr. Porter is immature and does not use his knowledge to help Hannah who he thinks doesn't need it. When Hannah leaves being upset he doesn't stop her, instead he lead Hannah to the world of bad thoughts and actions involving her life and feelings of the ones around her. The IBPA recommends that Mr. Porter attends one of their offered classes or take some intreats in his job, contact parents that could help with the situation considering that Hannah's parents had no idea.

Speak Up Stand Up

I recommend reading the book 13 reasons why, it makes you reflect back on everything in your life and not want to use your words to hurt anyone else. Think about it this way, don't say anything to someone if you wouldn't want it said to you. If there is a bully involved in your life go talk to a parent so you can over come this factor that has taken a toll in your life. Enjoy the positives and not the negatives.

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Bullying - Stop It